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My name is Charlotte!
charlotte Garden city dental winnipeg
Charlotte Garden City Dental Winnipeg

Thank you for visiting us today! I have the honour of managing the finest team of dental professionals in Canada who are dedicated to serving you and your family with energy and enthusiasm. Our promise is to help you achieve your best healthiest smile with less hassle, less pain, less fear, less waiting and less expense. With an onsite lab and the latest dental equipment, we look forward to meeting and exceeding your expectations from a dental visit. If your visit is anything less than excellent, I invite you to call me at 204.694.2042 or e-mail me at c.desousa@mymts.net.

We’re the Winnipeg Dentist that will go the extra mile to make you smile!

Why Choose Us?

Imagine free parking in a lot that is smaller, safer and easier to navigate than mall or outlet. Imagine being greeted by the friendliest of staff with a free drink. Imagine a waiting room with games and amenities. Imagine a visit where the dental service provider asks questions, listens to your answers and explains everything they’re doing and tells you why. Someone who partners with you to achieve your best smile. Imagine a team with more certifications and more technology than most dental offices across Canada. Imagine a visit with less hassle, less pain, less fear and less expense than others. Imagine an onsite lab that can help create your perfect smile in record time with less waiting, better color matching and less transitional work and temporary fixes. Imagine a team that smiles, that encourages and that values you. Well, we invite you to stop imaging and just visit us at Garden City Dental Center.

Our Mission

We help take the fear and pain out of dentistry. We’ve invested in the latest technology and assembled the most caring and professional team to help you achieve your perfect smile with minimal hassle and expense. We’re open evenings and weekends to fit your schedule and we have an amazing team that will serve your entire family. We are a premier dental office located in Winnipeg Manitoba.

  • Treat you with energy, enthusiasm, kindness and respect
  • Partner with you to help you achieve your best healthiest smile
  • To use the latest technology and techniques to minimize time, hassle and expense
  • To serve the needs of you and your family and exceed your expectations