Choosing A Dentist – Things You Should Ask

direct billing

1. Do you bill directly to an insurance company?

Many Dentists Charge You Leaving You To Deal With Insurance

We bill your insurance company directly. Also, we adhere to MDA fee guide which saves you money.

explain everything in detail

2. Do you explain everything in detail?

Some Dental Care Workers Leave You In The Dark

We explain everything before, during and after a procedure. From what to expect to what we're doing to how to best take care of your new smile after we're finished.

opening evening and saturday

3. Are you open evenings and Saturdays?

Many Clinics Work Banker's Hours

Taking time off work is a costly hassle. We're available for evening and Saturday bookings.

dental technology

4. Do you provide the latest in dental technology?

Some Clinics Are Technology Challenged

We have a massive two story building to provide a wider range of services and better comfort.

gardencity onsite lab

5. Do you have an onsite lab?

Many Clinics Send Your Work Somewhere Else

We don't send your work away. You don't have to wait weeks. Our onsite lab and professionals are there for you. We are able to maintain the highest standards in quality.

provide free consultations

6. Do you provide free consultations?

Some Clinics Charge You For Everything

In addition to free consultations, we give you lots of added extras like fireplaces, refreshments and ceiling mounted televisions to help you relax while we work.