What Should I Know About Oral Health?

flossing my teeth daily

1. Should I be flossing my teeth daily? YES

Proper Daily Care Can Prevent A Lifetime of Problems

One dentist recommended that you only floss the teeth you want to keep. It doesn't get much clearer than that.

poor oral health lead to heart disease

2. Can poor oral health lead to heart disease? YES

Studies Are Showing That Oral Health Impacts Overall Health

Science is now showing that poor oral health can increase the chances of getting serious health complications like diabetes and heart disease.

Poor Oral Health Can Affect Your Pregnancy

3. Can poor oral health affect my baby? YES

Poor Oral Health Can Affect Your Pregnancy

Studies have shown that poor oral health can result in lower birth weights and pre-term deliveries.

dentist detect early health problems

4. Can a dentist detect early health problems? YES

Your Mouth Shows What's Happening In Your Body

Using an intra-oral camera we can detect mouth lesions that can be early signs of more serious health problems.

smile affect my personal success

5. Can my smile affect my personal success? YES

Healthy Smiles Leave Lasting Impressions

It's a well known fact that people are drawn to people with welcoming smiles. We can help you overcome common dental problems and restore your smile confidence.

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