Meet The Team

Introducing Our Awesome Staff

Here’s the team that’s going to make your next visit the best ever. Highly trained, super friendly and committed to helping you achieve your perfect smile!

garden city dental centre team

We feel honored working with such an amazing team. Everyone looks forward to seeing you, answering your questions and serving your dental health needs.

Amanda - Dental Assistant
amanda dental assistant

Amanda brings a positive energy to our workplace everyday, she is very knowledgeable, and is always willing to answer any questions that you may have for her. She spends her spare time at the gym and enjoys spending time with friends and family.

Amanda - Dental Hygienist
amanda - dental hygienist

Amanda graduated in 2012, her bubbly personality makes all of her patients feel comfortable in the chair.  Amanda is great at explaining how to take care of your teeth in the most healthy way possible. She is full of positive energy and is always interacting with patients to provide excellent dental care.

Barb - Dental Receptionist
barb dental receptionist

Hi my name is Barb. I have been employed with Garden City Dental Centre for 35 wonderful years. I started as a very young girl, this is a field that never gets old, there is always something new to learn. I started out as a full time dental assistant and with life changes (kids), I was able to hold my position as an evening dental assistant. This job has accommodated my life needs. I am now your dental coordinator who will assist you in your dental insurance claims, appointments, and answer any of your dental concerns. My love of my life is my family, husband, two children, and three great grandchildren, and of course cottage life. I love what I do and our patients make my day, I have created a lot of great acquaintances over the years. We have a great team. We work well together, and I look forward to meeting and greeting all our new patients.

Brianna - Dental Assistant
brianna dental assistant

One of Garden City Dental Centre’s newest assistant who works alongside Dr. Pokhoy. Brianna loves everything that dental assisting has to offer. When Brianna is not here she enjoys spending time at home with her 3 pups!!!

Cara - Dental Hygienist
cara dental hygienist

Cara is always seen smiling with a positive attitude. Outside the office, she enjoys any type of physical activity, as well as the outdoors. Cara is a graduate of the University of Manitoba dental hygiene program and loves being a registered dental hygienist.

Celine - Dental Assistant
celine dental assistant

Hi my name is Celine and I am pleased to say that I work with Dr. Huy Huynh and the clinic’s lovely team. I look forward every day to making sure patients leave our office well taken care of and receive the knowledge they need about their teeth. I love to travel and spend time with my family and friends during my spare time.

Charlotte - Office Manager
charlotte office manager

She loves working with people and making sure they leave with the most amazing experience possible. Her focus is to make sure that patients receive a smooth and worry free visit. If you have any questions or if there is anything that she could do to make your visit more pleasant please e-mail her at

Chelsea – Dental Hygienist
chelsea dental hygienist

Chelsea graduated from the University of Manitoba School of Dental Hygiene in 2014. Prior to that, she worked in our office as a dental assistant since 2010. Chelsea enjoys meeting new people and connecting with her patients. She strives to provide individualized and gentle dental hygiene therapy while explaining the importance of good oral health. In her free time she can be found at the gym or spending time with her dog Daxton.

Connie – Dental Receptionist
connie dental receptionist

My name is Connie , I enjoy spending time with family and friends, my favourite time of the day is going on long walks with my two dogs. I also enjoy baking and cooking for my family out at the lake when we are camping over the summer months.

Courtney – Dental Assistant
courtney dental assistant

Courtney is a newer member of the team, I work with Dr. Santos and my favourite part of the day is working with all of the wonderful patients that we have here at Garden City Dental Centre. My goal is to make sure that everyone leaves with a healthy smile.

Debbie - Accounts Receivable
debbie accounts receivable

Heading our Accounts Receivable department, Debbie has 10 years of experience. When needing payment plans or finance options Debbie is one to talk to. She especially enjoys the Winnipeg summers by basking in the sun with family.

Harriet – Dental Hygienist
harriet dental hygienist

June 1, 2011 marks the anniversary of 30 years since Harriet has graduated from the University of Manitoba’s School of Dental Hygiene. She is proud to say 20 of those years have been at Garden City Dental Centre. She is active in the Manitoba Dental Hygiene Association and at the College of Dental Hygienists of Manitoba. When not involved with dental hygiene, she likes to play ringette, exercise and hang out with her family.

Ivona – Dental Assistant
ivona dental assistant

Ivona has been working for Garden City Dental Centre since 2001. She works with Dr. Toy and usually knows exactly what he is thinking. Ivona enjoys being a mom to her 6 year old daughter Maya and 3 year old son Tino.

Jodi – Dental Assistant
jodi dental assistant

Pleased to say that Jodi works with Dr. Toy. Her day consists of making sure that all of her patients have a pleasant visit. She always has a smile on her face and goes out of her way to make sure things run smoothly for Dr. Toy. In her spare time Jodi is an avid traveller, and has taken many trips all over the world.

Kaloni – Dental Hygienist
kaloni dental hygienist

Born in Winnipeg Manitoba, I have had the pleasure of living in Ontario and Alberta as well over the years.  I graduated from dental hygiene in Mississauga in 2012.  My passions are live music and I spend my free time going to the gym and cycling, and of course I love to travel. I also enjoy rollerblading and going for long walks with my dog.  I strive to provide a gentle but thorough dental cleaning and look forward to answering any questions that you may have for me regarding your dental health.

Karen – Dental Hygienist
karen dental hygienist

Growing up in the North End of the city and being a patient at the Garden City Dental Centre, Karen never imagined that she would work at the same office leave as is and her family had attended for so many years. A graduate of the University of Manitoba dental hygiene program, Karen spends her spare time with friends and family, as well as working out at the gym. She enjoys the arts, shopping and travelling.

Kathryn –Dental Receptionist
kathryn dental receptionist

Otherwise known as Kiki works in our accounts receivables department, if you have any questions regarding your account balance she would be the person to talk to.  She will make sure that you fully understand any questions you may have about your insurance or your account.  In her spare time she loves to spend time with her son.

Krista – Dental Receptionist
krista dental receptionist

Krista has been a member of our team for 9 years.  She handles the front desk and orthodontic administration, including scheduling, treatment planning, and insurance.  Krista loves getting to know each patient on an individual basis and helping them with their needs.  Krista has 2 daughters, ages 15 and 11. When she isn’t working she enjoys reading, playing soccer, and watching her daughters dance.

Sorina – Dental Assistant
sorina dental assistant

Joined the team on 2010 as a registered phase II dental assistant, I graduated in 2002 and was awarded the Manitoba Dental Association proficiency award and the Jo-Anna Savcik-Bothchar award in recognition of honest hard work. I am a team player with a positive attitude and can be seen in the office working with Dr. Pokhoy. I ensure the highest quality of dental care, while maintaining a friendly and relaxed environment for all of our patients.

Payton – Dental Assistant
payton dental assistant

Payton enjoys all aspects of dental assisting and strives to provide a fun, friendly and comfortable atmosphere. When she is not working she enjoys spending time with her family at home in Selkirk, MB.

Christina – Dental Assistant
christina dental assistant

My name is Christina, I graduated just over a year ago, and I have the pleasure of working with Dr. Huy Huyhn.  Since I have been here at Garden City Dental Centre I have learned just how much I enjoy working with all of our wonderful patients and that I have chosen the right career path as a dental assistant. Going forward I look forward to meeting and educating all of the patients to the best of my knowledge.

Izza – Dental Hygienist
izza dental hygienist

Hi, my name is Izza and I’ve been a long time patient at Garden City Dental Centre.  The amazing dental experience I have received in our dental office has lead me to my career as a dental hygienist.  My goal is to make every patient comfortable while providing the best care possible.  While outside of work, I love spending my time outdoors, traveling and working out.  Lately I enjoy boxing and cycling.  I believe that it is worth investing in our physical health, oral health and overall health.

Jessica – Accounts Receivable
jessica accounts receivable

This is Jessica, she has been a part of our team for over 9 years now.  She started working with our front desk team and has since transitioned into our accounts receivables department. She is ready and willing to help with any questions you may have regarding your account as well as any insurance questions you may have.  In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her husband Daniel and her daughter Danica.

Marta – Dental Hygienist
marta dental hygienist

Marta graduated from dental hygiene in 2012 and takes pride in educating and making sure her patients leave with the care and knowledge they need to have a healthy mouth and smile.  In her spare time she enjoys camping, boating, and spending time with her two rambunctious dogs.

Rhodalyn – Dental Hygienist
rhodalyn dental hygienist

Originally from Winnipeg, Rhoda graduated from dental hygiene school in Toronto. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family, playing sports, and working out at the gym. Her career goal is, “to do my best to help patients to maintain a healthy mouth and great smile”.