Family Dentistry in Winnipeg

Fun For Whole Family

From staff specially trained to work with children to video games in the waiting area, we’re one of the most family friendly dentists in Winnipeg, MB R2P 2Z3. We help your kids stay cavity free!

We’re the family friendly choice in dentists. First of all, we have staff that are trained to work with children to start a lifetime of dental health on a positive note. Second, we have a well stocked waiting area to keep everyone refreshed and entertained. Third, our appointments are on time to minimize boredom for kids and stress for parents. Finally, we stick to the Manitoba Dental Association Fee Guide which means that, as a family, you save money. We invite you to come and see family dentistry done properly! Visit our dental clinic in Manitoba, MB R2P 2Z3 today!

Effective immediately due to COVID-19 we will be closed from March 16 th to April 13 th being our return date.

We are only accepting dental emergencies between the hours of 9:00am to 3:00pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Our Doors will be Locked

We will be pre-screening all patients before entering the clinic please call , and the front receptionist will give you further instructions.

This policy will be in place till April 13 th 2020. If you have an appointment scheduled, we will have staff on site that can help you.

Thank you for your patience.