Bridges in Winnipeg

Bridge Your Way To A Fuller Smile

Few incidents have greater impact on dental health and personal appearance than tooth loss. When one or more teeth are missing, the remaining teeth can drift out of position, which can lead to change in the bite, the loss of additional teeth, decay, and gum disease.

When tooth loss occurs, we would recommend the placement of a bridge in Winnipeg, MB R2P 2Z3. When placing a bridge, the teeth (abutments) on both sides of the space are covered with crowns (caps), and an artificial tooth (pontic) is attached to the crowns.

Initially we would prepare the teeth on each side of the space to receive crowns and make and impression of the entire area. We would then fit a temporary bridge made out of plastic material, this would stay in place until the second appointment approximately 1 week later to remove the temporary bridge and cement the permanent bridge in Winnipeg, MB R2P 2Z3.