Intra-Oral Camera

We Get The Inside Story

There’s only so much you can see with a mirror. That’s why we feature a small high resolution camera that enables us to get an excellent view of the inside of your mouth.
intra oral camera

An intra-oral camera can find things that a mirror can miss. It can be used to find small problems before they become big and expensive issues. Also, it can identify oral lesions that can be indicative of more serious health problems. It’s just another investment we make in your overall health.

Intra-oral cameras offer a precise diagnosis and give our dentists the opportunity to educate our patients. They provide real-time images that our patients view with us, so they better understand the oral health issues on hand. With intra-oral cameras, dentists can zoom in on one tooth or view the whole set of teeth. They can accurately detect the early stages of gum diseases, tooth decay, cavities, and much more! Contact us to learn more about this innovative camera and what it can do for your oral health.