6 Factors to Consider Before Getting Invisalign in Winnipeg

6 factors to consider before getting invisalign in winnipeg

Most people want to get their teeth straightened but don’t want to wear metal braces. Why? Because they show and let’s be honest, they don’t look nice. If only there was an “invisible” way for aligning teeth.

Well, there is. You have probably heard of Invisalign.

Invisalign was created more than two decades ago and since then, it has revolutionized the face of orthodontics. It is an excellent option for people who want a more modern treatment when it comes to correcting their smiles. However, you should know that not every alignment issue can be fixed with these invisible braces. Here’s what you need to know before getting Invisalign in Winnipeg.

1. Your Oral Hygiene Must Be Excellent

Before you start looking for a dental clinic in Winnipeg, you should analyze how good your oral hygiene habits are. An excellent brushing habit is key if you go for Invisalign-or any other type of braces, really. When your dentist starts the treatment, he or she will put small attachments in your teeth, which are very likely to get stained. This happens because after a while of eating and drinking colored stuff, the attachments absorb the color and they make your teeth look stained as well. The way to avoid this is always having a toothbrush with you to clean any residue right after you grab a bite.

2. Hot Beverages Are Not a Good Idea

For faster results, you must be wearing your trays all the time, except when eating or brushing your teeth. This is why if you are going to have a warm or hot drink; it should be during your meals since your trays will be off. The rest of the day you should avoid hot beverages because they can bend your aligners or twist them out of shape.

3. Avoid Snacking As Much As Possible

As stated before, you can remove your trays before eating; however, keep in mind that they should be in 22 hours a day, therefore it would be convenient to have your meals organized so you avoid removing the trays for a snack you could have avoided in the first place. Build a meal plan with a maximum of four meals per day to wear your Invisalign trays almost all day.

4. For Major Problems, Go For Conventional Braces

Invisalign has many advantages; however, for severe biting problems, it is better to opt for traditional braces. They might not be as esthetic but the results will be better in cases such as severely rotated teeth or very large gaps between them. Your dentist in Winnipeg will advise you on the best treatment option depending on your case.

5. Aligners At The End

It is very common to hear of people that underwent orthodontic treatment and lost it because they did not wear their finishing aligners. After Invisalign treatment, you still may need to wear another set of aligners at the end of the last touches.

6. Pricey But Worth It

Invisalign is more expensive than traditional braces but every patient that has gone for it has stated it is absolutely worth it. It is not painful, it doesn’t show, you can remove them before eating, they are easy to clean, and results are amazing. Keep in mind that the more committed you are to use them the faster you will see results; and this shouldn’t be an issue because the trays don’t cause discomfort, unlike other types of braces.

The number of satisfied patients that have chosen Invisalign is growing every day. If you think your teeth may have some issues to correct and are already looking for Invisalign near you, check out our dental clinic in Winnipeg. It’s never too late for a perfect smile!