6 Interesting Dental Facts from Your Dentist in Winnipeg

6 interesting dental facts from your dentist in winnipeg

Professional dentistry is a prominent aspect of healthcare across the world. However, there are several interesting dental facts that you should know. Continue reading to learn these six facts from your dentist in Winnipeg. Some of which, are crucial to your daily oral care routine.

1. The Idea of a Tooth Fairy Varies from Country to Country

The tooth fairy has different connotations in different countries. In Spanish-speaking countries, the idea of a tooth fairy snatching a baby tooth from under the pillow and leaving an incentive behind is uncommon. Instead, they believe in El Ratoncito or Raton Perez which refers to Perez the Mouse or Perez Mouse when directly translated. The “Tooth Fairy” is a practice that can differ from country to country but one fact that you should know is that the custom of placing the tooth under the pillow is the same. It is even used in some commercials aired in countries such as Venezuela.

2. Materials Used for Toothbrushes Made in The Past Were… Odd

The first toothbrush was made using animal hair obtained from hogs, horses and badgers. These animals have soft hair that is perfect for cleaning the gaps in between the teeth. Furthermore, the first toothbrush was made in China in 1498. Today, toothbrushes are made from nylon instead.

3. Fluoride is Safe

In the past, misconceptions surrounding the safety of fluoride were made public. The truth of the matter is, studies have proven that not only is fluoride completely safe, it also contains properties to prevent tooth decay. You can find fluoride in most drinking-water and many different foods. Additionally, you can find fluoride in different dental products like toothpaste or at your very own dental clinic in Winnipeg.

4. Gum Disease in North America is Prevalent

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that about half of Americans who are above the age of 30 years have periodontal disease. Additionally, nearly 70 % of adults above 65 have the same condition.

5. Pop Can Cause Tooth Decay

Another interesting dental fact according to your dentist in Winnipeg is that pop, soft-drinks or soda as some may call it, can cause tooth decay. If you drink about 6 8-ounce glasses of pop regularly, chances are high that you risk developing tooth decay.The affected teeth will likely require a filling.

You also risk the chance of tooth loss which will greatly impact the integrity of your oral health and overall health. Drinking plain water to avoid these preventable issues sounds a lot more appealing now doesn’t it? If you decide to drink any pop, it is crucial that you use a straw instead to minimize contact with your teeth. Lastly, you should also brush your teeth after drinking any type of soft-drink.

6. Learning How to Prevent Tooth Decay in Baby Teeth Isn’t Hard

Tooth decay in babies or infants can be a painful experience and stressful for any loving parent. However, the major challenge is that parents unknowingly pass oral bacteria to their children which can lead to tooth decay. At such a tender age, babies don’t naturally have bacteria in their mouth that causes cavities.

It is highly possible that tooth decay experienced by children is caused by bacteria transferred from the mouth of the parent to the child through kissing or sharing utensils. It is therefore important to avoid activities that can lead to accidental transfer of bacteria.

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