8 Ways to Whiten Your Teeth Conveniently (On Your Schedule)

ways to whiten your teeth conveniently

If you have five minutes, five days, or five weeks to whiten your teeth, the following are eight different suggestions. But before we begin, here is a little disclosure. Teeth whitening is not a one-size-fits-all operation. Some are looking to whiten their teeth before an upcoming celebration; meanwhile, others want to look and feel their best before a last-minute invite and are in a hurry!

Based on your timeframe, there will be a way to whiten your teeth, which will allow you to achieve your desired results. Continue reading to see what is on this list of the best teeth whitening options for you.

If you Have 5 Minutes to Spare

1. Dab on a little lipstick. The colour of your lipstick can undoubtedly affect how your teeth look– your teeth can appear whiter by contrast. If your teeth seem yellow, try a berry or bubble-gum lipstick shade. The blue undertones in these lipstick colours will enhance the white in your teeth. If your teeth are more towards being gray, opt for a copper or bronze shade, as this can bring out the white in teeth that look gray.

2. Visit your dental clinic in Winnipeg. A dental cleaning performed by a professional, involves the removal of plaque and tartar, a film that builds up on the surface of your teeth. Once plaque and tartar are removed, your teeth will appear cleaner and more importantly, brighter.

3. Swish with some water while you sip on your morning coffee. Although almost everyone loves a morning cup of coffee or tea, these two beverages are major tooth-staining culprits. The good news is, swishing water in your mouth after drinking can help minimize the unwanted after-effects. Ready for another great suggestion? Keep a toothbrush and a box of floss with you at all times, so that you can still clean your teeth when you are out and about. Doing so will prevent the particles in your coffee from sticking to the biofilm of your teeth, which ultimately penetrate your dentin overtime.

If you Have 5 Days to Spare

4. Visit your dentist in Winnipeg for in-office teeth whitening. Cosmetic dentistry has grown increasingly popular, and in a single one-hour session, your dentist can whiten your teeth up to eight shades. They will use carbamide peroxide gel with a 35% concentration, which provides faster results than any over-the-counter whitening product. This will make an evident difference and noticeable improvement.

5. Purchase an Oral B toothbrush. Using an Oral B Braun electric toothbrush is an effective way to eliminate stains and brighten the surface of your teeth. An electric toothbrush, such as the one suggested above uses a scrubbing motion to remove the stains. Be sure to place the toothbrush over each tooth to benefit from its powerful effects.

6. Reach for whitening strips. Whitening strips are best-suited for those with teeth that are straight and in good condition. If you are using whitening strips to whiten your teeth, avoid contact with your gums as this can cause free radical reactions. In addition, the strips must be applied evenly to prevent inconsistent results.

If you Have Five Weeks to Spare

7. Visit your dentist for custom-made whitening trays. This is the safest and most cost-effective option as it delivers the best results. The cost of this will range between $300 and $500. You will be given a set of custom-fit trays, which you can wear for the rest of your lifetime. Also, if you have Invisalign aligners or a clear retainer, these devices will work too. So how does it work?

Your dentist will supply you with a 10% carbamide peroxide gel. You will apply the gel to your tray and place it in your mouth for one to two hours per day. You may see results within days or two weeks.

8. Seek cosmetic dentistry services. This is more of a last resort; however, porcelain veneers can provide you with perfectly shaped white teeth within a matter of two weeks. If you are not familiar with porcelain veneers, essentially they consist of thin sheets of porcelain that are glued to the front surface of your teeth. Many celebrities choose porcelain veneers to achieve their dream smile.