Can Root Canals Go Wrong?

can root canals go wrong

We all want to believe that when we visit a dentist for a root canal in Winnipeg, they are good at what they do and will provide us with high-quality, successful treatment. This is the case most of the time, but there are those odd cases that occur every once in a blue moon that make it important to warn individuals about the dangers associated with certain procedures and techniques.

The best way to ensure that your root canal treatment goes well is to visit an experienced dentist, such as the one at Garden City Dental Centre. To help you understand the importance of finding a reputable dentist and dental clinic near you, here are some things that can go wrong when it comes to root canal treatment.

#1 Inadequately Filled Canals and Missed Canals

The first and second biggest reasons for root canal failure are improperly filled root canals and missed canals. Patients often have to return to a dental clinic in Winnipeg due to a neglectful dentist missing canals and not adequately removing the infection.

#2 Use of Out-Dated Techniques

A qualified dentist will always keep up-to-date on the latest techniques and innovations available in dentistry and apply these skills when performing a root canal near you. However, a more neglectful dentist may feel that it is appropriate to use old-school methods when performing a root canal. These methods can lead to compromised results and are nothing in comparison to the innovative methods and techniques available today.

#3 Chemical Debridement

This is a vital step to ensure that the root canal system is adequately disinfected. No matter how clean your dentist thinks your canal is, they must perform chemical debridement to ensure that there is no remaining infection or risk of sustained damage. Failure to use this method is one of the most frequent causes of root canal failure.

#4 Coronal Leakage

This can happen if the root canal is not sealed immediately after treatment. As soon as a root canal is filled, a coronal seal must be placed right away. If this is not done properly, it can result in pain and reinfection.

#5 Smear Layer Neglect

Sometimes, an inexperienced dentist will leave dead tissue and bacteria behind in the smear layer, which compromises results and blocks root canals. Luckily, an experienced dentist can fix this problem with the use of a special agent.

#6 Inadequate Anesthesia

When someone goes to get a root canal, they already have a fear of pain, and having a dentist who does not know how to provide the right amount of anesthesia safely will only add to this fear and discomfort. A good dentist will ensure that you are absolutely comfortable before moving forward with your procedure.

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