Dental Crowns vs Dental Implants: Which is the Right Choice for You?

dental crowns vs dental implants which is the right choice for you

Your dentist might recommend dental crowns or implants if you have teeth that are decayed, damaged, or have been exposed to trauma. You can restore the functionality, health, and appearance of your teeth with adequate treatment. Discover the difference between the two restorative procedures in this blog and determine the right treatment option that will help you improve your oral health.

  • The artificial tooth that tops a dental implant serves as the natural tooth’s replacement. A titanium implant with a post to secure the implant’s “crown” in position is used to replace the root after it has been extracted.
  • An unretainable portion of a tooth that is damaged is replaced by a dental crown and the tooth’s base is left intact.

Dental Crowns

In order to stop further decay and restore the function and appearance of your natural teeth, dental crowns in Winnipeg are porcelain restorations that fit over your teeth. They are employed to treat teeth that have suffered serious damage, such as those that have significant cracks, considerable breaks, or severe decay. Some of your natural, pre-existing teeth are necessary to support the crown and keep it in place. The crown is made of durable material that resists stains even better than your real teeth. These crowns are created in a way that they ideally match your smile and mimic your natural teeth in terms of size, shape, and color.


  • Crowns give molars support when they have been damaged by decay
  • Prevents further damage
  • After  root canal treatment crowns can provide a protective shield for your teeth 
  • Help hold a cracked tooth in place
  • Improves appearance
  • Cost-effective than other restorative options


  • Irreversible procedure
  • Hypersensitivity 
  • High risk of chipping crown
  • Dental cement used to hold the crown in place may wash away over time

Dental Implants

Teeth that have completely fallen out due to deterioration or damage can be replaced with dental implants. Each implant is made up of a titanium metal post that is surgically inserted into the jawbone and covered with a porcelain crown, bridge, or dentures as a tooth replacement option. They can replace a single tooth with a complete set of teeth. When compared to other tooth replacement options, dental implants near you offer your restoration greater stability and a more natural-looking appearance because they resemble a natural tooth root. 


  • Long-lasting 
  • Prevents bone loss
  • Keep your neighboring teeth stable
  • Reduce the risk of gum disease
  • Prevent facial sagging and premature aging


  • Expensive treatment 
  • Not covered by insurance
  • Necessitates surgery 
  • Sometimes can lead to bone loss
  • Prolonged healing process

Before considering any dental treatment make sure you have the right and sufficient knowledge about the process to determine the right treatment option for you. You can restore your missing or damaged teeth by consulting an expert dentist Implants near you.

How do Dental Implants and Dental Crown Differ? 

Dental implants and dental crowns near you both can be considered to treat damaged teeth.  Dental implants are intended to replace natural teeth; dental crowns are intended to preserve and safeguard them. The two treatments also vary greatly in terms of both cost and duration of treatment. You will receive your dental crown in a few weeks or a few hours depending on whether you get a traditional or same-day treatment, and most dental insurance policies partially or fully cover porcelain crowns. However, a dental implant can potentially take six months or longer to complete, costs significantly more than crowns, and is rarely covered by dental insurance. 

Inquire at our clinic about financing options if you’re considering getting an implant or crown, and check with your health insurance as they might be able to help you with some of the cost since dental implants are regarded as surgical procedures.

Both dental implants and crowns are crucial for restoring your teeth’s function and appearance as well as boosting your confidence. However, they each have distinct advantages depending on the situation. Contact our dentist Implants in Winnipeg to learn more about which treatment option is best for you to address your dental issue. 

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