How Can You Take Care of Your Denture Implants?

how can you take care of your denture implants

After losing a tooth, denture implants give you the ability to restore your smile and resume normal oral function. Modern dentures in Winnipeg let you chew and smile with confidence since they feel and look just like real teeth. They are genuinely a great option for those who have lost a tooth as a result of gum disease, injury, or decay.

Denture implants still need regular maintenance. It’s crucial to understand how to correctly care for your implants in order to maintain their longevity and appeal. A number of issues might arise if your denture implants are not maintained. If you ignore your oral hygiene, you could have problems including peri-implantitis, bone loss, inflammation, and pain.

For a strong, durable smile with denture implants, adhere to the steps given by a dentist near you.

What Do You Do Once You Have Denture Implants?

It’s crucial to understand the exact cleaning recommendations following the implant operation. Following surgery, you should refrain from heavy exercise for a few days and quit smoking for at least two weeks. Always maintain good dental hygiene and schedule routine checkups with our dentists.

Ways To Protect Your Denture Implants

The following rules must be well taken care of after receiving dentures near you:

  • Proper Cleaning

Denture implants don’t get cavities as real teeth do, but your gums still run the danger of being unhealthy, and your oral health still has an effect on your general well-being. Bacteria can be removed from your mouth by brushing your teeth twice a day and using mouthwash to rinse. Use a water pick or tiny, gentle brushes to clean the area where your dentures contact your gum line rather than flossing your teeth. When cleaning the gum line, use caution and gentleness to avoid damaging the area where the gum meets the implant.

Regular oral hygiene will keep your mouth healthy, protect your gums from periodontal conditions like gingivitis and peri-implantitis, and help you avoid bad breath.

  • Non-Abrasive Substances

Denture teeth require slightly different care than natural teeth since they are constructed of a little softer material. To keep your gorgeous denture implants looking wonderful, be sure to brush your denture teeth with a soft-bristled brush and non-abrasive toothpaste. Additionally, stay away from whitening toothpaste and other products because they will do little to change the color of your dentures and may even harm the denture teeth.

  • Dental Visits

You might assume that going to the dentist is unnecessary if you have no natural teeth left, but it is still required. With professional teeth cleanings, going to the dentist every six months will help you keep your mouth healthy and your gums safe. For oral health, dental examinations are also essential. When you wear dentures, your dentist in Winnipeg can check to see if you are developing any oral health conditions, ranging from gingivitis to oral cancer, by having you visit twice a year.

  • Do Not Smoke

Smoking is really bad for your teeth; it makes them more prone to infection, weakens the gums surrounding denture implants, and raises your risk of oral cancer. Any form of tobacco use—cigars, cigarettes, pipes, chewing tobacco, or any other—will have a detrimental effect on the health of your gums. Because nicotine reduces the blood supply to the gums, it also harms their health. Even non-tobacco alternatives, like e-cigarettes, have a detrimental effect on gum health and shouldn’t be used by those who have denture implants.

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