How to Speed Up Your Invisalign Treatment

how to speed up your invisalign treatment

Once you’ve made the decision to straighten your teeth with Invisalign, we completely understand that you’ll want to see those perfectly straight teeth as soon as possible. Here are five suggestions for getting to that perfect ending as quickly as you can.

Try AcceleDent

Invisalign’s aligners work by pressuring your teeth to move while triggering the resorption of bone and cementum ahead of your moving teeth. AcceleDent is a system that uses precise vibrations called micropulses that stimulate blood flow and speed up the process of remodelling your jaw bone. In some cases, AcceleDent may help your teeth to move up to 50% faster. That may mean you’ll be able to switch from one aligner to the next more quickly.

Watch the clock

To complete your treatment plan on schedule, you need to wear your aligners for at least 22 hours every day. Yes, you can remove your aligners any time that you want, and you must remove your aligners anytime you eat or drink anything other than cool water. That’s an enormous upside of straightening your teeth with Invisalign in Winnipeg. It’s an upside that comes at a significant cost, though. When you’re not wearing your aligners, your teeth aren’t moving. The best way to stay on schedule and to speed up a process that has slowed down is to wear your aligners for at least 22 of every 24 hours. If you’re having trouble keeping track of time, ask your dentist for suggestions or download an Invisalign time tracking app.

Ask if buttons might help

The essentials of every Invisalign treatment plan from a dentist near you are clear and removable thermoplastic aligners. In some cases, though, your dentist will use some additional influencers to help move your teeth — including buttons attached to specific teeth to target and redirect the pressure imposed by the aligners. Using buttons can sometimes shorten the total length of a treatment plan by specifically targeting individual teeth or clusters of teeth.

Respect the aligners

This may seem like an obvious one. Picking up the theme mentioned above — that your aligners only work when you’re wearing them — be careful not to damage or lose your aligners. The staff at a dental clinic near you will provide you with a carrying case for your aligners. Use that carrying case whenever you’re not wearing or cleaning your aligners. Don’t wrap them up in napkins or toss them into a purse or gym bag. Aligners are easily swept away by servers clearing restaurant tables and easily damaged at the bottom of crowded purses and gym bags — not to mention the exposure to bacteria! If you have pets at home — here’s looking at you, puppies and older dogs alike! — be extra careful to use your carrying case in a consistent out of reach location whenever you’re not eating or cleaning your aligners. For reasons unknown, puppies love chewing Invisalign aligners.

Maintain good oral hygiene

Dentists everywhere take every opportunity to remind you to brush and floss daily. (Clearly!) Seriously, though, brushing and flossing regularly can accelerate your Invisalign plan or at least eliminate delays. How? If you develop tooth decay that requires you get a filling or treatment for gum disease from a dentist in Winnipeg, your goal of straightening your teeth with Invisalign near you may need to be put on hold. Any time you spend at dental appointments for cavities, infections, gum disease, root canals or other procedures required by poor oral hygiene will end up added to the end of your treatment plan.

You won’t experience any surprises during an Invisalign treatment plan. Your dentist will be able to plan, project and simulate every step of your treatment plan to keep you on track. At every follow-up appointment, the staff at the dental clinic near you will confirm all is going as expected.