The 5 Important Things About Regular Dental Checkups

the 5 importance things about regular dental checkups

Some of us visit our dentist only once we notice that we have a problem with our oral health. However, that shouldn’t be the case. You should realize that prevention is still always the key to achieving optimal dental health. Usually, a dental problem is already serious once you notice the symptoms. Therefore, regular appointments with your dentist in Winnipeg are necessary to catch the signs of the issue before conditions advance.

Reasons Why You Should Visit Your Dentist Near You Regularly

You are probably wondering why most dentists will advise you to schedule an appointment for a dental checkup twice a year. This is because dental checkups are necessary to maintain the health of your gums and teeth. For those who are at risk of developing dental issues, their dentist will ask them to visit more often.

1. Detecting the Early Signs of Oral Cancer

According to statistics, more than 1,400 individuals in Canada will die from oral cancer on a yearly basis. During the early stage, you may not experience any adverse changes to your oral system. You will only notice the problem once the cancer cells are in their late stages. The probability of curing oral cancer is high if it is discovered during the early stage. During a dental checkup, your dentist will look for any signs of problems which include oral cancer. By visiting once every 6 months, they will be able to recognize the presence of the problem early on. Once they notice some abnormalities, your dentist in Winnipeg may perform additional examinations to capture the subtle signs of the dead tissues that are caused by cancer.

2. Providing Advice for Your Specific Needs

When people notice some problems with their health, they will mostly turn to the internet and conduct a self-diagnosis. While the internet is filled with useful information, you should not disregard the abundance of wrong information found online. By allowing the dentist to perform the diagnosis, you can guarantee that it will be accurate. We can provide you with guidance that matches your unique needs. By booking an appointment every 6 months, you will be able to develop a close relationship with us allowing us to provide you with tailored advice and treatment.

3. Prevent Oral Problems

Even if you brush or floss your teeth daily, there is still a possibility that you will miss some food particles and debris in the spaces between your teeth. Once the plaque accumulates, it will be more challenging for you to eliminate it. This will eventually solidify and become tartar. You will need the help of our dentist near you to remove the buildup. Regular teeth cleaning will help prevent any form of dental issues. Even periodontal diseases can be avoided if you eliminate the tartar that can cause gum infections.

4. Gives You the Opportunity to Discuss Your Oral Health

Visiting our dentist gives you the chance to discuss your health with us. We can inform you about the foods that will make your teeth healthy and provide dietary tips. We can also educate you on the habits that you need to avoid such as drinking alcohol, smoking and eating foods that have high sugar content. We can also create a list of foods that can cause tooth discoloration.

5. Set A Good Example for Your Kids

Oral health will have a significant impact on your life. You want to educate your kids on how important it is to take care of their teeth. You can’t really expect them to keep their teeth healthy if they do not know what to do. The best way to set a good example, is to take your children with you during your dental appointment. This reduces the probability that they will develop dental anxiety.

According to studies, only 61% of the population schedules regular dental checkups. In case you are not sure about the last time that you visited your dentist in Winnipeg, call us today and we can set-up your appointment.