What Happens When You Lose a Dental Crown

what happens when you lose a dental crown

Most individuals who get a dental crown can rely on it to last them for over a decade. However, accidents can happen, and dental crowns can become loose, crack, chip, or break. Often, a broken dental crown is not a dental emergency, but sometimes it can be. In this article, our team at Garden City Dental Centre tells you what you should do if you lose or break a dental crown.

Inspect the Crown and Tooth

The first thing that you should do after breaking or losing a dental crown is inspect the damage. This will help you determine if you need to make an emergency appointment at a dental clinic near you.

If you can find the dental crown, hold on to it and call your dentist as soon as possible. They may tell you to put the crown back over your tooth using a temporary dental glue. If your crown is still in good condition, your dentist will be able to re-apply the crown to the affected tooth. If you cannot find the crown or the crown is too damaged, don’t worry, a new crown can be made and placed over the tooth.

When Should You Make an Emergency Dental Appointment?

Generally, you should visit an emergency dental clinic in Winnipeg when:

  • The crown or tooth underneath it has a sharp angle or edge that could lacerate your inner cheek or tongue
  • You are experiencing significant pain
  • You cannot completely remove the crown
  • The crown is partly dangling and presents a choking hazard

If your dental crown has broken off neatly and you aren’t in a lot of pain, an emergency dental appointment isn’t typically needed. However, you may want to schedule an appointment as soon as possible to protect your exposed tooth.

Generally, you should see your dentist within one week of losing a dental crown. If you leave the underlying tooth exposed for too long, it becomes vulnerable to infection and further wear.

What To Do While Awaiting Your Dental Appointment

Since dental crowns in Winnipeg primarily function to protect and strengthen a weakened tooth, it is vital to practice extra diligent oral hygiene care after losing a dental crown. Ensure that you brush thoroughly at least twice a day and that you inspect the tooth every day to make sure that the surrounding area is not being damaged.

Additionally, you should avoid certain foods and beverages to minimize the risk of infection or damage to the underlying tooth. Sticky or chewy foods can meld to the exposed tooth, and extremely hot or cold foods or beverages can cause tooth sensitivity.

It is important not to panic if you lose or break a dental crown. While it may seem scary or frustrating, you must understand that dental crowns near you are not built to last forever, and sometimes they can fall out or break unexpectedly. With an excellent dental team, such as our team at Garden City Dental Centre, a broken or lost dental crown can be corrected easily and quickly.

If you have recently lost a dental crown and need to schedule a dental visit, please get in touch with our team of dedicated dental professionals at Garden City Dental Centre for an appointment. We are happy to provide you with a solution to get you your smile back in no time!